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This is a complete hitmen guide about wetwork on dark web. We are a comunity keeping an up-to-date list of true hitmen, fake hitmen, with proof from users, real facts and complaints. We are a repository of information from customers and visitors, real stories, proof and undeniable facts.


Need to know the truth about hitmen? You find it here. Resonable answers, questions, real cases and myths all gathered from users and submitted by our visitors.

This is a list of hitman sites on dark web these need to be accessed with the Tor Browser.

http://hydramaj6kn52vsv.onion - Hydra Hitmen - 5 Stars service, marks killed by their hitmen have been reported in the news. Offers built-in escrow, accepts external escrows, 0% advance, payment with bitcoin anonymously, they do not ask for customer details. Prices between $5000 up to several hundreds thousands, depending on target difficulty. Jobs get done in 7-14 days. They can make it look as accident for an additional fee. Has built-in encrypted communication system. Not Working? Click here

http://sinaloajbzogpkeu.onion - Sinaloa Cartel Hitmen - 5 Stars service, these are hitman from the well known mexican drug cartel. No advance payments, built-in escrow, accepts external escrows. Prices start at $6000 and go up to several hundred thousands, depending on wether the target is armed or not, if has bodyguards, self defense skills, etc. They can make it look as accident or robbery gone wrong, and they offer full anonimity. Has built-in encrypted communication system.

http://camorrau23edy436.onion - Camorra Hitmen - Scam Lots of people have been arrested and scammed of their bitcoins, read here

http://zsyvom262oiaoc6es7bgg66xieyil6nqkh7jn5ntraghpqgudbcl3vad.onion - Besa Mafia - Scam read here

Here is an example of a killing done by hitmen of Hydra Hitmen. Google Lt Col Shishkina . She was a Police Officer in Russia, she got killed by two hitman teenagers who advertised their services on Hydra Hitmen and got payment of $15 000 USD for it. However because they were teenagers and begginers, they din't knew how to hide their traces and got caught. Hundreds of experienced hitmen do jobs without getting arrested .

One needs the Tor Browser to access websites like the above. Without the Tor Browsers these links will not work! The Tor Browser is used by millions and can be downloaded from http://www.torproject.com

The Tor Browser is used to access dark web markets and the Dark net. You can read more about it on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor_(anonymity_network)

http://ygrqgcnoodnqdmlc.onion - Hitman Connect - Scam

http://6nigkq2azpbeg2fa.onion - Hire @ Hitman - Real but they are most of time offline, because of attacks from law enforcement and poor servers

http://darkmambawopntdk.onion - Dark Mamba Scam They change their address often to trick more people

http://vanettirrjkqgoth.onion - Vanetti Mob Scam - They copied text and graphics from other hitman site

http://idomquol7lannf22.onion - The Mechanic - Real but poor services most of time offline

http://assassinec3wumxw.onion - The Assassins - Real but poor services cheap servers

http://assassinuyy7h425.onion - Assassination Network Scam

http://hitmanalfc6c75hj.onion - murder incorporated Scam

http://6nigkq2azpbeg2fa.onion - Hire @ Hitman - Real but poor services most of time offline

http://ygrqgcnoodnqdmlc.onion - Hitman Connect Scam

http://yo4jmu6dsfaeekt3.onion - VeniceMan Killer Hitman Service - Real but poor services

http://dtt6tdtgroj63iud.onion - Torminator - Real but poor services

http://zy3dkytcaubkq2y3.onion - Hitman - Real but poor services

People can also find hitmen offline on street gangs, dark alleys and local mafia.


Online has the advantage that you can be anonymous. The hitman does NOT know who you are as you never meet him, never give your name, IP, phone, credit card or any other information.

For a person that doesn't have many gang related conections, online is much easier. One can browse thounds of ads from various killers around the world.

A hitman can't give your info to police if he doesn't know who you are An undercover co cant arrest yu if you dont meet him

How can you do this beside wearing a head mask and not ive your ID to the hitman?

Never meet hitmen in person. Find hitmen online and never tell them who you are.

Find hitmen on dark web sites. We will later discuss how to avoid being scammed by them by a 100% bullet proof method

There are many hitmen that advertise their services online on dark web markets. Why on dark web markets? Because dark web allow illegal things such as drugs, guns, counterfeit curency, stolen credit card and hitmen. Not all of them accept hitmen but some of them do.

Clear Net sites do not allow illegal services and remove any advertising of hitmen services.

This is why, hitmen advertising their services on clear net sites get their advertising removed, while hitmen that advertise their services on dark web sites get their advertisements stay there and collect customers .

You dont want to try 100 hitmen so look careful through their advertisements, and chooe a hitman that yu ike and tht has good price. Godd doesnt mean low, cheaper is not always the bst. Hoose a price that is near your budget usually the higer the price is the higer the chance that you find a well trained hitman that will complete the job with no problem

Never communicate with the chosen hitman by your true name email, phone number or regular mail. Always use comunicatin that keeps your idendity secret. Some sites have built in messging sistems that keep you anonymous, other sites require email.Do a fake email and use that.

2. To avoid being scammed by fake htmen.

We learned how to find hitmen on dark web, but now how to avoid being scammed? Here is a 100% bullet proof method

How can one avoid being scammed by fake hitmen? What happens if the hitman gets a 50% cash advance and runs with the money? Or worse what happens if he gets all money in advance and runs with it? That is bad.

you MUST NOT under any circumtance pay the hitman in advance. But then how the hitman trusts you to pay after he does the job? What happens if after he kills the target you dissapear without payment? Maybe some customers are dishonest or they don't have the cash.

As we recommend that you hire a hitman whie remaining anonymous too avoid arrest or police, you could easily not pay the hitman after he did the job because he can't find you to kill you

The solution is escrow. Escrow is a 3rd party that holds the money until the job is completed.

You and the hitman negociate the deal, set the requirements, agree on price, and then the funds are deposited into this 3rd party called escrow. This 3rd party earn a cmission regardless if the job is completed or not.

If the job is completed, the escrow send the funds to the hitman. If the job fails, the escrow sends the funds to the customer.

Either way, they keep a comission. The questin i how do you ensure the escrow doesn't scam you and the hitman and runs with the money? Well, if the escrow does this, he will destroy his repuation. It won't be an escrow any more.

The entire purpose of an escrow is to be honest, and earn a comission out of hundreds of transactions, instead of stealling one transactino funds annd go out of bsiness.

Escrows don't make money on transactions for kiing only, it makes money for transactions for drug purchases, stolen items, fake curency, and many othe things. The bigger the reputation the more business it has. Any funds stolen and the reputations ges destroed

Escrows can be escrows for legal purchases, such as cars, houses, legal goods and things.

THete are escrows for illegal purchases, such as stolen oods, guns, drugs, end other illegal services

We wil focus on escrows that ellow illegal purchases .

These escrows that allow illegal services need to ofer customers anonimity. It can not ask for email addresss, nmes, phone numbers or other information to identify a person, beause then you could not sell anything ilegal if you can be identitifed

It can not ask for credit cars or paypal because this points out the owner. Instead it uses bitcoin for payments.

Bitcoin is an curency like all other, like USD, Euro, or |Chinese Yuan. Except that is online, it does not have phisical bankntes, is just made of compute bits.

A bitcoin has a bitcoin to USD parity just like any other curency. You can buy a bitcoin or any portion of a bitcoin, say 0.05 bitcoin.

To receive your bitcoin you need to store it somewhere and because is not psihical, you need a digital wallet on your computer and phone.

There are many sites and softare offering freewallets. You can buy a portoin of a btcoin using USD on echange sites with your credit card. Then you can move this bitcoins to scond waet, that does not have your name attached to it.

Is not illegal to buy bitcoins, anyone can buy bitcoins as investment or to buy legal things online. After you buy it you second it to a second wallet, that is anonymous. No one knows who has that wallet. If anyone asks you, you can say you donated your bitcoin to charity, they can not proove otherwise.

But a you contro the second wallet, you can use your bitcoin here to pay a murder transaction on an ecrow site that accept bitcoin

Tere are few escrows that accept bitcoins.

These also accept anonymous customers.

1. The hitman doesn’t personally know you. This way he cant betray you. He can’t give you up to Police if he gets caught. He can’t blackmail you. A website on deep web offers you hitmen that don’t know your name, photo, address, or any other dinfo.

2. You don’t get scammed. A hitman hired on street can ask you for money upfront, and then he can run away with it. On internet you can use escrow. An escrow is a third party service that holds the money until the job is completed. You can google for dark bitcoin escrow

3. You pay with bitcoin. This is anonymous. Anyone can buy bitcoin is legal, you can buy with your credit card for investment. Bitcoin can be moved then to other wallets and the trace is lost. If anyone asks, you can say you spent it on gambling sites. They wouldn’t know

No these articles are not up to protect the would be murderers, nor the people who want to hire hitmen. These disguised moral people dont gives a shit about the would be murderers, these moral helpers do not really try to safe guard the criminals wanting to order murder. Instead they know that hiring hitmen online works, and they are trying to protect the victims, lying that hiring hitmen online does not work.

Do not pay attention to those articles that claim to be written by moral people who pretend they protect the criminals from getting scammed. They do not care about the criminals. They care about the victims. They try to protect the victims, by tricking criminals into not ordering the murders. They are tricking the criminals into not ordering the murders, by saying all hitmen sites online are fake.

When criminals fall for these lies and think all hitmen sites are fake, they do not order. Victims are saved. Police won.

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