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Hire a hitman, contract killer or assassin

A guide to real hitmen, facts and stories

Hire a hitman is a fun game that relaxes you and make you forget the stress. We have a large collection of tools for hitmen games


There are many articles online, discussion boards, stories etc about hitmen and how to order assassins online and offline. We tried to take everything and build it up in a compresive guide that will treat all misinformation, with arguments of what is real and what is not.

When hiring a hitman, a person wants to have in mind several things:

1. To avoid being arrested by Police or undercover cops.

People can also find hitmen offline on street gangs, dark alleys and local mafia.

A hitman can't give your info to police if he doesn't know who you are An undercover co cant arrest yu if you dont meet him

How can you do this beside wearing a head mask and not ive your ID to the hitman?

Never meet hitmen in person. Find hitmen online and never tell them who you are.

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1. The hitman doesn’t personally know you. This way he cant betray you. He can’t give you up to Police if he gets caught. He can’t blackmail you. A website on deep web offers you hitmen that don’t know your name, photo, address, or any other dinfo.

2. You don’t get scammed. A hitman hired on street can ask you for money upfront, and then he can run away with it. On internet you can use escrow. An escrow is a third party service that holds the money until the job is completed. You can google for dark bitcoin escrow

3. You pay with bitcoin. This is anonymous. Anyone can buy bitcoin is legal, you can buy with your credit card for investment. Bitcoin can be moved then to other wallets and the trace is lost. If anyone asks, you can say you spent it on gambling sites. They wouldn’t know

No these articles are not up to protect the would be murderers, nor the people who want to hire hitmen. These disguised moral people dont gives a shit about the would be murderers, these moral helpers do not really try to safe guard the criminals wanting to order murder. Instead they know that hiring hitmen online works, and they are trying to protect the victims, lying that hiring hitmen online does not work.

Do not pay attention to those articles that claim to be written by moral people who pretend they protect the criminals from getting scammed. They do not care about the criminals. They care about the victims. They try to protect the victims, by tricking criminals into not ordering the murders. They are tricking the criminals into not ordering the murders, by saying all hitmen sites online are fake.

When criminals fall for these lies and think all hitmen sites are fake, they do not order. Victims are saved. Police won.

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